Yes, the road.

Yes, the road.
Eagle Nest, New Mexico. “People like to drive because driving is actually and symbolically an almost perfect mechanism for escape…there is probably no human being who does not have troubles, real or imagined, from which he at times feels the need to flee.” George R. Stewart.


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We own a 1975 GMC Sierra Grande 15 in Maine and a 1986 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe 10 in West Texas. Also a pair of 1997 Volvo 850 wagons. Average age in the fleet is 28 years--we're recycling. I've published 3 novels: THE LAW OF DREAMS (2006), THE O'BRIENS (2012), and CARRY ME (2016). Also 2 short story collections: NIGHT DRIVING(1987) and TRAVELLING LIGHT (2013). More of my literary life is at I was a Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study for 2012-13. I'm an adjunct professor at Colorado College and in the MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte. In 2015-16 I was a Fellow at Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. The Autoliterate office is in Car Talk Plaza in Harvard Square, 2 floors above Dewey Cheatem & Howe. SUBSCRIBE TO THE AUTOLITERATE DAILY EMAIL by hitting the button to the right.

Friday, June 28, 2013

1987 GMC K10 shortbed, downtown Eagleville

from Michael Moore in northeast California:
"Went up to Alturas yesterday and among other adventures [like finding out why we've been seeing on dust on 447, which is supposed to be paved] saw this nicely faded shortbed in downtown Eagleville...looks like it was top of the line around 1988 and never ever messed with. The dust on 447 across from us came from massive flash floods a week ago.." MSM

1949 Buick Super. Bluff, Utah

                                                                           Anne Lennox©2013   

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Desperate Generation, Desperate Cool

Desperate Generation is a documentary encapsulating the 90’s Rockabilly revival in Southern California. I heard about it on Jalopy Journal....where I grabbed these images.

Maine Houses, Eggemoggin Reach (foggy morning)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alberta Floods, Alberta Tar Sands, & Satan

For the last week the Canadian West has been flooded with all the rain that Colorado and the American West has not been getting. The city of Calgary has been pretty much shut down. This report from our man just upstream in Banff, Alex Emond:
"This vanity plate caught my eye. And all this time I thought Satan was an American. (ed. note: in Maine, there have been unsubstantiated rumors that Satan, in fact, lives in the Alberta tar sands.) Here are a few shots of the deluge. Compared to almost anywhere further downstream Banff got off pretty easy. I hear that dozens of backcountry bridges are gone and sections of trail throughout the park washed away. You can see in the overview shot how flooded Martin's Stables is and how the first Vermilion Lake is spilling over the CPR line. Bow Falls was downright gnarly for a full day, just mud-coloured madness moving really fast. The town has been really quiet ... for summer in Banff it is almost eerie." -AE

Sunday, June 23, 2013

1949 Jeepster & "Travelling Light" reviews

"A master at making action convey a character’s inner state" —Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper.

"Nothing can make time stand still. But careful attention to detail can act as a kind of antidote to time’s relentless and sometimes frenzied passage. Astute observers miss less of life and the world around them. If they write well, they can share that gift with the rest of us." —The Gazette (Montreal)
"Travelling Light is a rich collection of short stories. The writer, Peter Behrens, often seems to have a Polaroid eye, using words to freeze scenes and allow the reader to immediately visualize what he is portraying." —Toronto Star
Book party at Betsy's Sunflower in Brooklin, Maine for my new collection of short stories, Travelling Light. Our Texas friend Jorge turned up in a brand-new/old 1949 Jeepster 

Paris: Citroen HY in the Marais

from our man in Paris, Craig Manning:
            "Citröen H series. Still seeing some of these, but fewer than one would like . The second - a late Commer? - clearly being lived in. Filled with eurotrash, by eurotrash."--CEM
             More AL posting about snubnosed Citroëns here and here