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Monday, September 15, 2014

Brooklyn to Marfa in the Chevrolet Apache

                                                                                ©2014Don Culbertson
If you follow the blog you know we have a weakness for Apaches. Just google "autoliterate" and "Apache" and you'll see. We also appreciate the alertness and sense of adventure that long trips in old trucks demand. Especially trips to Texas. I first saw Marfa through the windshield of 1952 Chevrolet ex-grain truck, making the long haul from Banff, Alberta to the Rio Grande back in the day when you could still get breakfast at Carmen's. I remember it was February, I'd never been out of Canada in the winter before, and it was 62 degrees (F) at 9 AM on the sidewalk in front of Carmen's. Stunning.
You've seen this truck on the blog before. Belongs to Sean Wilsey. I first read about in a Diary piece Sean did for the London Review, about the first of many trips the Apache has made between Marfa and Brooklyn.

New York City to Marfa: the 1971 C10 Suburban

The truck that brought Ginger Griffice to West Texas a few years back.  We caught the 4wd version  in Maine just last week.

1966 Chevrolet C10 for sale in Maine

Thanks to Jarrod McCabe who saw the truck on Mount Desert Island.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

1957 Mercury 100

Mercury trucks were Canadian Fords. We've had a few Mercs up on AL; my favorite was in Nova Scotia a couple years back. This truck (above) is for sale at Goldenrod Garage in Freeport, Maine. Asking $10,900. Call Neil 207 865 6269.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Christian Schmidt: Potatoes Garlic

Christian Schmidt photograph. More on his website.

1946 Chevrolet at the Sedgwick V.F.D show

I saw it at the show in Blue Hill, Maine that's sponsored every summer by the Sedgwick Volunteer F.D. Michael Taylor calls it one of the best car shows in America.

Tommy Hilfiger, and a 1950 Plymouth; 1948 Dodge; 1948 Chrysler Windsor. And what purpose breather caps?

        I was driving the GMC back from Kennebunkport where it was working on a Tommy Hilfiger fashion shoot. That truck is earning its keep. Somehow--and before I'd dropped off the truck with Tommy's crew--the A/T fluid dipstick got broken. Talk about obscure automotive dilemmas.  So on my way north(east) I planned to check in with Jeff Whitney at Whitney's Automotive in North Windham. They had a bundle of A/T sticks, and though it was a Sunday, Jeff Jr. had agreed to search for one that would fit my truck. 
       Heading north out of Portland on US Route 302, I spied this Mopar trio--a Plymouth, a Dodge, and a Chrysler--in Westbrook, and had to pull over. I would guess the Plymouth is a 1950. The other two a couple years earlier. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
         I retrieved an A/T dipstick at No. Windham, bought a breather oil filler cap at AutoZone in Belfast, and made it home to Brooklin. Opinions on breather caps? Seems to me that the 350 engine burns less oil when I use one.