Yes, the road.

Yes, the road.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

1960 International Harvester B100

I'm teaching in Vancouver this week and staying in a hotel in the West End and staring at freighters on the nod, out on English Bay
 Then I came across this 1960 International B100. Yikes. Sweetest truck I've seen in weeks.

 Completely solid and mostly original, though repainted sometime...perhaps in the Seventies. Spent most of its life on a grain farm in Saskatchewan, a province which seems to be a Unesco World Heritage Site for old iron.

The owner was selling her for $2500. Been in his family since around 1962: his father,  a farmer, bought the truck, slightly used, from an IH dealer in Saskatchewan.

                                        Watch those RPM: "Idle" "Economy" and "Danger"
                                                         Radio, mounted on the roof of the cab

                                                                    Not sure if it was 3 on the tree, or 4.
                                              Owner a BC Lions fan (Grey Cup Champs, 2011)
I live 3000 miles away but, men, I wanted to buy this truck. Hate to tell you, but it's gone, it sold... to a fellow who came down from Hope, BC with a trailer. He's involved with an I-H Supershow happening this summer in Chilliwack, BC. This truck didn't need a trailer---everything was solid, everything works. Original paint was red. $2500! That's--what, 1/8 the price of a new Kia?
My Brilliant Careerism note: I was interviewed by the brilliant Michael Enright on CBC Radio's Sunday Edition. The show broadcasts across Canada tomorrow but the podcast in already up here.



  1. It has a confusing face. Not sure what is going on with the headlights and grille design. I agree it's a great old truck!

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  3. I was the fellow from Hope who bought the truck for my friend Dave in Alberta. He has taken the truck apart and is restoring it back to it's original colour. I sell parts for Internationals and my website is